Colleen has been with WCP since 2000  and has proven herself as a dynamo for improvement and change.   Colleen has over 30 years experience and is a constant source for growth and innovation.  She often shocks the toughest of mechanics with her skill sets and  leaves them with the impression that there is nothing she cannot do.

Colleen is an avid pet lover and enjoys off-roading in her very pink jeep. She loves to help anyone when possible.  She is called on by other plumbers and companies to aid in the toughest of jobs.



Clint has been with Wes Clarke Plumbing for 20 years and has over 30 years in the mechanical trades. He is skilled and dedicated to providing the best possible service and has become a favorite with many customers.  Clint has brightened the days of many and often goes to work helping people in other ways than just plumbing.   We are very proud of the fact that Clint has volunteered on numerous occasions helping others in need.

On a wonderful note Clint's better half, Virginia, runs Pegasus riding academy for the handicapped. Together this couple  is all about taking care of people.

Clint migrated to the desert many years ago from Huntington Beach but still enjoys fishing and has adopted  off-roading  and enjoying the natural desert habitats.



Fred has been dedicated to serving customers for over 20 years. He is well-versed in all phases of plumbing including custom homes and specialty service.  Fred's attention to detail is wonderful and his professionalism is greatly appreciated!

His personable demeanor has endured him to the clients and many have become close friends over the years.

Fred also enjoys off-roading and camping.



Dennis is one of the newer recruits to the Company but is every bit as ethical and dedicated to providing the customer with value for their dollar.  He is the husband of a wonderful woman and the father of 2 beautiful children.  As a dedicated father, Dennis, is motivated to setting the best possible example for his children.



Russ is a 3rd generation plumber and prides himself on being surrounded by wonderful, caring, people.  He grew up in the trenches and was expected at a young age to exude the work ethic of his father and grandfather.  Russ has also had a General Contracting Business since 1992 in the Coachella Valley and like the other plumbers has made some of his best friends over the years through the services he has provided.

Office Team



Mal, our bookkeeper since 2001 originally hails from Durban area of South Africa.   Mal, while working for Barclays bank, use to deliver cash payroll to the mining areas of Lusilisiki, only with the aid of a friend and a pistol.  Immigrating to America some 50plus years ago, Mal ran the sizable credit union for Ameron in the LA area.  He is a wonderful, unique character loved by all and shows a deep compassion for others.  We are lucky to have him as keeper of our inn since 2001.



Jennifer, is the latest member of our team.  She is the one you will most likely speak with when calling in. Jennifer is a mom of six kids.  She juggles work, kids and her passion for baking and custom cake decorating.  Customers to Jennifer are not just a number and she strives to give everyone the personal attention that comes with exceptional customer service.

Wes Clarke Plumbing's History

The Wes Clarke Plumbing family started with a humble beginning in Toronto, Canada in 1932. The plumbing family grew steadily over the decades completing jobs from the smallest home plumbing repairs, to some of the largest plumbing infrastructures in some of Canada's largest concerns. In 1986 Wes Clarke relocated to the Coachella Valley and started building a new client base in his new chosen home. Our philosophy is simple in that we treat every customer with respect and gratitude. We have built the business here with the best advertising of all--word of mouth! Over 30 years later in the Coachella Valley we have carried on with this basic philosophy and are humbled by the trust folks continue to put in our services. It is an honor to serve our clients and we thank each and everyone of them!

WCP truck