We take every task very seriously and pride ourselves on the ability to repair the toughest of leaks with professionalism and the best warranty in our business.


Drain Cleaning

When it comes to drain cleaning Wes Clarke techs are at the top of the field.  We employ the best equipment in the business from Spartan cables and machines to the extremely accurate video scoping and locating devices.  There is a huge difference in how a company tackles a drain issue and what equipment and skills they use---we are proud to say we are called on by many other plumbing companies to help with their toughest calls.   Know who you are calling before deciding who you trust with the toughest drain calls.  Give Rachel a call at the office and she can inform you a little better as to what to expect.


Water Heaters

At Wes Clarke Plumbing, we are always looking to give our customers options. We offer the best tank type water heaters made as well as the newer tankless energy-efficient units. It is important to note the proper selection of the water heater varies greatly on its application, location, fuel source. Please call one of our skilled technicians to discuss your options today.


Leak Detection

We have been the premier go to company for leak detection for 3 decades in the Coachella Valley.  We often are referred by other plumbing companies to find the toughest of leaks.  We are not the company to put a bandaid on the problem but rather we pride ourselves on finding the solution to provide years of sound plumbing!



Video Scoping and Locating

We have the most advanced video scoping equipment and location devices to diagnose the toughest of jobs.  We pride ourselves on the right diagnosis and best solution for the customer the first time and every time.  WCP has often been called out to give a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinion of a particular problem.  Many times we can concur with another companies diagnosis, but equally as often we find the issue has not been diagnosed properly and the clients interests have not been served properly!