To provide the highest quality service with integrity.

“It is not about what we receive – It is about what we can give”



Our technicians have a great attitude.  Not only do they work well together, but we consider our customers to be part of the team as well.  Our customers will never be sold something that they either don’t need or want!  This has been our practice since 1932!


Warehouse on wheels

Our trucks are warehouses on wheels and we strive to inventory those parts that are most commonly found in our area.  This eliminates most return trips and helps our customers to be back in business with a sound plumbing system as quick as possible.


Solving the smallest to the most demanding problems!

Whether it is a simple leaky faucet repair or something causing a much larger flood we pride ourselves in taking care of all plumbing issues!

Wes Clarke Plumbing’s History

The Wes Clarke Plumbing family started with a humble beginning in Toronto, Canada in 1932. The plumbing family grew steadily over the decades completing jobs from the smallest home plumbing repairs, to some of the largest plumbing infrastructures in some of Canada’s largest concerns. In 1986 Wes Clarke relocated to the Coachella Valley and started building a new client base in his new chosen home. Our philosophy is simple in that we treat every customer with respect and gratitude. We have built the business here with the best advertising of all–word of mouth! Over 30 years later in the Coachella Valley we have carried on with this basic philosophy and are humbled by the trust folks continue to put in our services. It is an honor to serve our clients and we thank each and everyone of them!

WCP truck